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Cortices Technique

The Cortices Technique is most fundamental and powerful technique within the BodyTalk system. This technique improves communication within the brain, increases brain activity, improves memory, thinking and concentration, reduces stress and assists in general body function.
In this short video I demonstrate the Cortices Technique which balances left and right hemispheres of the brain, and general brain function. The IBA believes everyone should be able to balance the cortices; their results can be immediate and profound in restoring healthy balance.











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Several years ago, I took my first BodyTalk class with Dr. Marita Kufe in Hanover, Germany. When I returned to my home in Hamburg, I right away decided I must try to use some of the BodyTalk techniques that I had just learned on my patients. (I am an occupational therapist and was working at the time in a coma ward at a hospital in Hamburg - Bramfeld.) I didn’t know quite where to begin, so I decided to do only the Cortices technique on 10 of the patients. I then went home at the end of my shift. The next day when I arrived back, there was a terrific commotion because six patients had awakened from their comas! These were diabetes patients and accident victims, some of whom had been in comas for many months. They still had diabetes and they still needed a great deal of recovery from their injuries – but they came out of their comas and were immediately transferred off my wing for further treatment.“

Anne Baguhn, CBP - Hamburg, Germany

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