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My Story

From a very young age, I have been curious about how the human body works and its ability to heal itself. I remember, as a child, if I incurred any wound, my mum would clean the wound and press turmeric on it to stop the bleeding and prevent any infection. Naturopathy has been a big part of my family.  My curiosity in the magnificent human body made me want to study medicine, but the fear of blood, knives, and needles kept me away and I studied Optometry and have practiced as a qualified optometrist since 1996. 


I came across the BodyTalk system in the year 2016, when one of my sons had trouble fitting in with his age mates in school. We went to various therapists and finally were led to BodyTalk. Whilst at the clinic, I was sure that this is what I have been looking for, all these years. I knew that our body could heal itself, but under certain conditions it needs a kick start, and this was it. I couldn’t wait to know when the next course was happening in Nairobi. In preparation for the Body Talk Access course that was scheduled at the end of 2018, I read more about The BodyTalk System online and took all the courses in Reiki. Since my first Access course, I have practiced the routine daily. I have transformed emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

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